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Advantages of the Superior Powder Coating

Posted On: 3 July

Powder coating is a process that involves special equipment and procedures, but what makes it superior to other means of painting? It uses the electrostatic application of dry powder which is settled into place by the application of heat (in an oven). It may seem complex and unnecessary, but powder coating is a process that provides an even layer of paint that looks better than any wet paint could do.

Powder coating comes in a variety of materials, including:

  • Polyurethane
  • Polyester
  • Acrylics
  • & Much more

The goal of powder coating is to produce a thick coat that is tougher, harder, and more durable than common paints. For this reason, powder coating is most commonly used on vehicle parts and various appliances.

A surface must be prepared for its powder coating layer. It is cleaned thoroughly to eliminate any leftover oil or debris so that powder can adhere to the surface with nothing hindering it. After a surface is coated, efficiency can be increased by as much as 95% through the use of electrostatic voltage. The surge charges the dry powder and the surface and evens out the coat. This process ensures that your surface is completely coated. After the electrostatic shock, the powder coating is ready to be heated. The object is placed in the oven and heated under high temperatures for 10 minutes. This process melts the powder and wraps the coating around the object. The coating is bound the surface with a heavy network-like finish.

The process is designed to ensure a clean and even coating every time, and it does its job. The advantages of powder coating simply outweigh any other form of painting. It is far more durable and even than any other means of painting. It is also amazingly efficient. Powder coating only requires a single coat. This makes it easier and faster than other means of painting. Powder can also be manipulated, which allows for custom textures and finishes that wouldn’t be possible in liquid painting methods. Environmental effects are also a worthy mention, as powder coating does not produce many volatile compounds in the application process. Compared to other painting methods, this is the least harmful coating process in regards to pollutants.

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