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Powder Coating

Posted On: 8 May

Powder Coating has quickly become a well-used painting process since its establishment in 1960. It provides a long-lasting finish that can be used on numerous metal products.

What is it made out of?
When considering restoration of a metal product, it is important to select the paint that will allow full refurbishing. Powder coating is the ideal option for improving the look of an old car, outdoor furniture, and numerous other metal products.
To begin the process, colors are chosen from many pigment options and act as the main ingredient. These pigments are then ground up within an industrial mixer, heated, and turned into a liquid. Once cooled and hardened, the pigments will be granulated into the powder used for powder coating.
The curing process then finalizes the powder coating process. Once the powder is applied, the metal is heated, causing the powder coat to cling to the metal surface, resulting in a thick and smooth surface. The thick surface produced acts as an external shell that will protect the metal product from the damaging effects of the environment.

Powder coating has widely become a popular alternative to liquid painting. It is an environmentally friendly process which releases no fumes or harmful chemicals. It is also a much quicker process than liquid painting and provides efficient and durable results to the product.
Liquid paint requires a solvent that keeps the binder and filler parts in a liquid form. In contrast, powder coating is applied electrostatically and then cured under heat that reaches over 400 degrees, which allows for a stronger adherence to the metal product. This heating process also produces long-lasting, scratch resistant, color-durable quality results. Other benefits provided by powder coating are protection from UV radiation which causes fading and can be used on moving parts.
Once your product has been successfully powder coated, it is important that it is properly taken care of. Proper cleaning can be done with water pressure, which is an efficient way to clean the coated surfaces and will allow the product to endure longer periods.